230. en of Surgical Need -- Comparative Economics of Anesthesia Care and the Global Anesthesia Workforce -- Planning a Mission, Fundraising, and Building a Team: The Kybele Experience -- Organizing and Developing Universal Anesthetic Equipment -- Materials Management -- What do Patients and Communities Expect of a Medical Mission? -- Anesthesia in Resource-Poor Settings: The Mďecins sans Frontïres Experience -- Quality Care: Maintaining Safety Through Minimum Standards -- Legal and Ethical Issues in Global Health: A Trip through the Vagaries of Truth and Culture -- Part II: Specific Case Related Implementation -- Strategies for Patient Assessment and Scheduling -- Postoperative Follow-up and Quality Maintenance -- Women?s Rights and the Right to Pain Relief in Surgery and Labor -- Saving Sight In Developing Countries -- Cardiac Anaesthesthesia in Low Resource Settings -- Anesthesia Considerations for Facial Deformity Repair in Lesser Developed Countries -- Implementing a Regional Anesthesiology Service in a Low Resource Setting -- The Management of Pain in Less Developed Countries -- Living the Mission in Serbia and Other Less Affluent Worlds -- Anesthetic Management During the Leba

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